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Neodigital Art | International


Neodigital Art goes International

I’ve started today with a photograph by Simon James taken in the North of England recently. The view of the church from quite an unusual angle works well. When I edited this I tried to get the textures to show up as much as possible.


Neodigital Art | Is it a school of art?


This must be my best picture and a print out of it is exhibited in my local hospital. Most people would agree that although it’s a photograph that has been edited; it is also art. Who wouldn’t want to see it hanging in an art gallery? Is Neodigital a school of art though? The traditional notion of a school of art is a group of artists all producing work in the same style and perhaps in the same place. In the 21st century, a school of art can be multinational. I have been promoting Neodigital Art for a few years and it does have a certain style and does use digital devices like a digital camera, scanner and computer. (more…)

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