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Psychology: thoughts outside of the box

We hear a lot these days about the need to be creative and innovative. We are told we need to think ’outside of the box’. Why is it more important now than it used to be? We have always innovated and been invented.


Psychology: Anxiety and depression

I was out for a leisurely Sunday drive yesterday and I took a wrong turning and became quite anxious about it. I saw a warning telling me to stay away from the motorway and then I turned to head home and the road was closed. I followed a diversion and it took me in the opposite direction that I wanted to go. (more…)

Ideas for art and photography

hand cart with signature

This is a photo I had printed as a Christmas gift. It was edited with PhotoScape and I used the watercolour option to bring out the pattern of the bricks. It also has a gradient border. I also superimposed the picture on a plain white image to add a 300 pixel border all around the image; that gave a second border. (more…)

A 100 day adventure

1 winter scene

In recent years, people have had much more leisure time. Many people seem to spend that time playing computer games, updating Facebook, watching movies  and socialising in bars. I don’t see many smiling faces. People don’t seem happier, even though they have more money and more leisure. (more…)

Self Improvement: Ways towards your goals

Self Improvement: Ways towards your goals

Who doesn’t want to boost their overall growth and take their achievements to a whole new level? For many, life is about growing and learning, but that is an on-going process. The more you learn about yourself, the easier it gets for you to build on your attributes and work towards your personal and professional goals. That’s what Self Improvement is all about and it is often looked on as means for boosting your achievements. If you want to stimulate growth within yourself and get the results you are looking for, then there are different effective strategies you can follow. These steps are considered to be an integral part of Self Improvement and you have to consider them seriously right at the outset. Of course, there are several programs that claim to help you with your goals and there’s some merit to them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outstanding results on your own; especially when you have followed these steps that can work wonders for you. (more…)

Preparing your New Year resolutions



Making New Year resolutions is a good idea, because you are setting goals for the future. You want to do something useful with the rest of your life. Don’t you? With 2 weeks left before the New Year starts now is the time to think about those resolutions and what you want to achieve in 2013.


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