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Neodigital Art | Using different editing

FotoSketcher - MILKY 042

If you want to create art from your photographs you can use more than one program to change your picture. I used the ‘vintage’ setting on Fotosketcher to make this sepia and age it; then I imported it into Windows Live Gallery to add more colour. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Good light–Bad light

edited Version

The light was really good at the weekend for photography and I didn’t manage to take advantage of it. Good light brings problems, but not as many as poor light. Light is photons, little bundle of pure energy that bounce around everywhere. In good light you get the photons bouncing off your subject and into the camera and that gives you the picture. You also get some photons going in directly and this gives the pictures a less clear look, you can improve it with editing. I didn’t have that problem on Monday, the light was really poor and it was going to rain! I can still edit my photographs to improve them. The picture above was after editing; I made the picture lighter.


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