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Remembrance 2016 #ramble

Regular readers will know that I share my thoughts with you on a Sunday morning  and just ramble on. You also know I take photos. I’ve photographed two remembrance services so far.  One Last Saturday evening at the cenotaph to rededicate it and yesterday I was at the cemetery for a service when we not only remembered the fallen servicemen of war but also local people who lost their lives in at home to attacks by Zeppelins.

CEMETeRY © 12 NOV - remembrance


The value of money #thrifty

Many people shop with little thought about what things cost. They don’t check or compare prices and feel they are just entitled to things. They also don’t think about people who are less fortunate than themselves. We can actually take money for granted and then we don’t appreciate the value of money.

value of money


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