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How to write a story

FOOD 2013 045

You can write a story about anything. Even something as mundane as going to the supermarket. If you want to write fiction, then writing a short story can be a good way of starting. You can make it a few thousand words or very short and try to pack it into 500 words.


Writing for an emotional response

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Whatever you are writing, you want some kind of emotional response from your reader. You want them to say to themselves, ‘that’s clever’ or ‘that’s funny’. Better still, you hope they will share their thoughts with their friends.


Never mind, its not the end of the world

Woden Road South July 2012 crop

Yesterday was the winter solstice and at midnight Mayan time it was the apocalypse. I didn’t have time for all that, I had internet problems. I found out this morning that one of my problems was Norton fire wall, it was blocking my attempts to log in to my router to see what was going on there. I’ve uninstalled Norton. I went back to using Avast!


The Christmas short story


My Christmas short story is finished, at last! You can read it by clicking Christmas short story. I shall be reminding you to check that out again over Christmas. Please comment and tell me what you think of it. Did you find it funny? I shall be blogging all over the Christmas so please pop in and check the posts out. There is also the comment box, if you feel the need to share Christmas greetings!

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