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Snow pictures and diffused light #photography

I have been taking pictures of snowy scenes like many other people and at times I’ve had nice diffused light and at other times the sun has come out and the light has been quite cold and harsh. The snow does reflect a lot of light and so even when it was very cloudy I still had quite a lot of light. Snow pictures can be a little bit boring and so I tried to shoot with a narrow aperture and get lots of depth to the pictures.

For snow pictures like this use a narrow aperture


Neodigital Art | Ice and snow


The snow pictures that I took, all look good. If the sun is quite bright, lots of light is reflected off the snow and you get this blue effect to the photo. You can add a little blue to the picture, if it’s ‘too white’.  The snow will also reflect light from street lamps, but the pictures will be quite dark later in the afternoon.


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