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Balance in life #life


Everything in life seems to be a about balance and compromise. You can have too much of a good thing, obesity has become an epidemic in the western world. The can spend too much time alone and become lonely or spend too much time in the fresh air and get skin damage from the wind and the sun.  (more…)

Psychology: Language and social structure

Man is the only animal with sophisticated languages that we use to communicate. We are social animals, but despite the sophistication, we are also primitive. (more…)

Don’t worry: Be happy

Are people who take a laid back, less serious approach to life any happier? It has been said that people who are depressed are more realistic and more in touch with reality. Do we have to lose touch with reality a little to be happy? Do we have to fool ourselves that everything in the garden is lovely and think positive?


Psychology | Friendships


How many friends do you have? Do you you have lots of friends whose company you enjoy? Or do you have a few friends who are very loyal to you. We often don’t even think about what friendship is or how important it is.


Psychology | Communication

We tend to have a conflict in our lives between our primitive desires and our desire to improve ourselves. This affects how we communicate with each other. Our lives have become more complicated and so has communication. We are individuals, but we take decisions collectively and need the support of others.


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