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Socialising and entertainment #thrifty

The best way to save money on socialising and entertainment is to stay in and watch TV but that can get a little boring. It gets boring because it is repetitious and you can change that by trying to break the routine. If you’re in the habit of watching the same soaps week after week, then see if there is something better to watch. We do have a lot of channels these days and if you have a smart TV you also have internet channels. We put a lot of value on entertainment and so it is something we can consider carefully and try to get value for money when we look at socialising and entertainment.

socialising and entertainment - thrifty


Socialising and days out on a budget #thrifty

We all like to go out and socialise and meet our friends and new people too, but it can be expensive. We can cut the cost by trying to get value for money and resist the temptation to buy food when we smell the onions or see other people enjoying hot dogs at a popular event. Taking out the sandwiches that you prepared earlier doesn’t have much appeal in comparison to the delicious food offered by the vendors. We do have to live within a budget, though, so we can still do some socialising and limit the amount of food and drink we buy while we’re out.


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