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Halloween Ideas #thrifty

Kids want to have fun on Halloween, making masks and dressing up. This can be done on a budget and the event can be made more special with seasonal foods. Try making special soups or non-alcoholic cocktails. (more…)

Autumn photography

We are well into Autumn here in England and winter is approaching fast. So what can we photograph? The rain keeps on coming and the skies have been dark and cloudy. You do get odd days in Autumn and winter when the sun does provide good light though, like in this picture. The colours are different, more muted.


Can dreams come true?

The Milky pool

I have known people who make a living as ‘visionaries’ and claim to be able to dream about the future. We do seem to dream about the past, present and future.  There must be a reason for these dreams. Can we dream about the future or are they, as some psychologists suggest, dreams that are our subconscious guesses of what the future might bring. It all sounds very spooky to me. (more…)

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