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Happy St Georges Day #ramble

Yes, it is Sunday morning again here in Merry England and I share my thoughts with you once again. What’s on my mind this morning? It’s St Georges Day of course. St George according to legend slayed the dragon, did he not? We all have our dragons to slay, those challenges that life puts before us that we must overcome to succeed. Today’s picture is of two foxes that I saw when I opened my curtains this morning frolicking in a trench filled with dried grass cuttings at the bottom of the garden.

Foxes on St Georges day


Manor House St George #photography


I went to West Bromwich Manor House museum on Saturday to photograph the St George’s Day event.  St George’s Day is actually on Thursday the 23rd of April, but there were events last weekend. The event gave me lots of colourful characters to photograph and a great location. (more…)

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