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Sunday thoughts

Spring flowers along the River Tame

I wonder sometimes about politicians, they never seem to have an original idea. Labour is now formulating policies with 99  weeks to go to the general election. They seem to be planning to do the same as the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. More cuts and more clueless action…


Easter Sunday sunshine

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It’s Easter Sunday, the sun’s shining and I’m thinking about photography. I haven’t had a good Sunday afternoon taking pictures for some time. If you’re wondering about today’s picture, those are places around where I live.


How green are you?


I often write a blog on a Sunday morning, usually as lunch cooks. It’s a little early for lunch, I’m trying to do things early so I can go shopping and take photographs this afternoon. I usually write about whatever is on my mind on a Sunday. Today, it’s photography obviously, but I’m also curious as to what those flowers are in the picture. They’re growing by the pool and all down the side of the river. What are they called? Any idea? My readers are usually very helpful when it comes to identifying flowers, trees and my geological finds. (more…)

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