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More than enough for everyone #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I let you into the dark corners of my mind and ramble about the variety of stuff that is whizzing around in there this morning. As usual, I’m thinking about photography and right at the moment I need a keyword for this post! I’m thinking, there is more than enough for everyone. I mean more than enough food to feed the world and more than enough oil because there is a glut isn’t there?

Ted says, there is more than enough


People on Sunday #ramble

People at the mayor's big night

Yes, people, it’s Sunday morning again and I share the contents of the innermost chambers of my mind with you once again. What’s on my mind this morning? I had an exciting week taking photos at the mayor’s big night. (more…)

Sunday hopes and fears #ramble

Sunday after the sun god, Monday after the moon god...

It’s Sunday and so I try to write another Sunday ramble, even though I’m half asleep. I’m on my third cup of tea and the caffeine isn’t yet working it’s magic. People used to worship the sun and the moon, hence the names for the days of the week. People still go to church on Sunday! (more…)

History – finding out who we are


I wandered around the local churchyard taking photos the other day. I was looking for any sign of a pauper’s grave there where victims of a cholera epidemic were buried in the 19th century.  The church is on the site of a medieval castle or buhr supposedly built by the Lady of the Mercian’s. (more…)

Easter Sunday 2012

The Sanna, Moorcroft Wood

I’ve been checking the statistics on my WordPress blog and the most popular category is rambling; when I do no research and just write off the top of my head! So that is what I’m doing! I’m also installing an anti-virus that just asked me for a 25 character product key. Why so long? I’m also cooking lunch. I often write a Sunday blog while cooking lunch. People always want to know what I am cooking and this week it’s a little special being Easter. I have turkey and oven chips in the oven. I’m cooking broccoli to go with that. It seems like a strange combination, but I like chips!  This afternoon as usual on a Sunday, I’ll be off out to take a few photographs. (more…)

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