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The season of rebirth #spring #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so time to share my thoughts about the week with you once again. So what’s in the dark labyrinth this week? It is actually sunny today and I’m thinking of going out to shoot some landscape pictures. That should be a little more relaxing than the photo-shoots I did this week. I actually went to a school this week taking photos in a hall full of small children. There are all sorts of protocols these days about identifying kids in photographs and so it is a bit like wandering through a minefield. Anyway, it’s spring, the season of rebirth so I have Spring photos on my mind.

The season of rebirth


Grey skies #photography

I took a few photos yesterday and tree lined streets can look great with the variety of colour we have now. This was just before the rain so I used an ISO of 400 to compensate for the dark skies. (more…)

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