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Survival; what else is there #life

I usually write about finance and investments on Fridays but what is the use of having money if you’re dead? Primarily life is about survival and money is way down the list of priorities. It is important because it can help us survive and survive comfortably but it is not our primary goal.


Predators and prey #life

predators or prey


In the wild there are predators and prey. It’s Darwin’s survival of the fittest  as the animals  try to survive individually and collectively. The lion is part of  pride and has no feelings about the suffering of it’s prey as it rips through it’s flesh with it’s razor sharp teeth. The heart of the lion beats just like our own. (more…)

2014: Day 1

2014 new year

It’s the first day of 2014 and it seems incredible that time has gone so quickly. I remember when televisions were large boxes with flickering pictures and only received one channel. I go to museums and I can remember some of the exhibits from my younger days. It’s a public holiday in the UK today; I won’t be doing much, I seem to be getting old… (more…)

Psychology | The meaning of life

Have you ever wondered what our purpose is in living? Life does appear to be our purpose, to live and survive. Our purpose isn’t just to survive as individuals, but as a species. When we feel we’re in danger we feel the need to fight or run away. Our desire to face danger and survive can mean that rather than fight as individuals, we will fight as a collective. This can lead to riots and even wars.


Psychology |motivation

Moorcroft Wood

If we compare humans to robots, we see that humans are motivated; robots just do as they’re told by us humans.  Our motives can seem complicated, but our motivation for doing most things is quite primitive. We eat to avoid hunger, but in order to eat we would have had to hunt and forage at one time; now we go to the shops. We have a basic need to keep warm, it’s part of our survival instinct and so we shop for clothes. We have an instinct that seems to make us explore and ask questions because this ability makes it much easier for us to survive. (more…)

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