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SWOT analysis #investments

SWOT analysis

When we are looking to invest, we can do a SWOT analysis on the company and look at Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. One threat that always seems to be there and is hard to predict is political uncertainty. (more…)

Business Analytics: How it can help your Business.

By Fairy Dharawat


What is business Analytics? And how is it beneficial to you? How to find out if your your business needs it?

We will be discussing this answer in our blog post today. We will also be discussing what exactly the term ‘Business Analytics’ means when trade pundits freely use this term on national television while addressing their audience. (more…)

Economics in Business

by Fairy Dharawat


As global brands market their brands in new locations with customized marketing strategies in different retail formats to reiterate their strong brand equity, there is a lot of learning for the ones starting out a new business venture these brands can provide which uses economics.


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