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Reflections on a week in December

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (187)

Reflecting on this week, I wondered about our local Christmas lights. They  aren’t much to shout about. I wondered if reflective ribbon could be used or fluorescent paint to make it look a bit more like Christmas. There are lots of lights they are just not very Christmassy. Maybe, we should all wear something reflective? (more…)

Left or right? #ramble

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (125)

Welcome to another Sunday ramble, when I share my thoughts as I decide what to have for lunch. The official switch-on of the town’s Christmas lights was a cold and wet affair. The lights are bigger this year, but I understand some aren’t working. I’ll have a wander around town this week and photograph them. It is capturing history even though it might not be very important history. Not very much happens here for historians to record. (more…)

Financial uncertainty #finance

Financial uncertainty seems to be caused  by political considerations and lack of regulation. The problems in Ukraine seem to have taken a backseat now to the problems in Syria. The drop in economic growth in China seems to be less of a worry too. Those problems are still there, but we have more important things to worry about now! Get used to more uncertainty! (more…)

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