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Reflections on a week in December

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (187)

Reflecting on this week, I wondered about our local Christmas lights. They  aren’t much to shout about. I wondered if reflective ribbon could be used or fluorescent paint to make it look a bit more like Christmas. There are lots of lights they are just not very Christmassy. Maybe, we should all wear something reflective? (more…)

The Earth, the sun and the moon

New moon

It’s a full moon tomorrow (22 July 2013) and so I might try for a good photograph. This was a once in a blue moon shot, so I don’t think I’ll get a better one. In the UK, if it’s a clear sky, which it’s forecast to be, you should see a quite bright moon in the west just after it comes up.


Culture can cost you money


I went to hospital yesterday. I’m not exactly young anymore, but I still wear jeans. I decided on a smart casual look and wore jeans with a linen shirt and a hat. I think that smart image was suitable and if I was going for a job; I would adopt a similar image, especially during this warm weather. (more…)

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