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Saturday Review of the week

Motor Show 033

I seem to have a electricity pylon in nearly all my photographs. There are so many around here, especially near the canals. Graffiti is another familiar sight. Is it a sign of an artistic disposition or mind numbing boredom? I think kids could be taught art in the community, but they would probably be encouraged to be ‘creative’ without responsibility. We can’t even trust the teachers these days. I wrote a few interesting blogs this week. I went in search of happiness yesterday.


Thrifty survival

Motor Show 204

I don’t do too many miles in my car and hardly ever drive on the motorway, but we do take it for granted that must have a car these days. Running a car gets more expensive all the time and just about everything else is too. To survive in these tough economic times we have to be thrifty and frugal and that applies to everything, even running the car. When I bought my car, I had done the research and went for one 7 years old that was in good condition and was low mileage. I didn’t really care that it wasn’t the latest model or registration. We do tend to be brainwashed into thinking we must have the latest model, the latest fashions, the latest smart phone…


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