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Tipton Canal Festival #photography

I went to Tipton Canal Festival on Sunday and that was guaranteed to give me some multi-coloured shots as the brightly coloured narrowboats break up the dull canal scenes. It was quite a cloudy sky but the sun was breaking through at times. Mostly I was looking for shots where I could use a wide open aperture and zoom in on my subject. I used the 18 – 105mm lens to give me a little versatility when it came to zooming in.



Socialism and being social #ramble

Have you ever bought a friend a drink or a meal, just because you can? If we have more than enough money for our needs we can afford to be generous and not only treat our friends but give a little to people less fortunate that we don’t even know. To me, that’s what socialism is about. (more…)

Canal and narrowboat #photography

Lock keepers cottage, Park Hall Walsall

My photography, this summer has been hampered by cloudy skies and rain. Next weekend, I hope to photograph a canal and narrowboat festival and so really need some better weather. The forecast is looking better. (more…)

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