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Fixed apertures on phones #photography

I usually take photos either with my Nikon D3200 or my old Fujifilm S5600 but now I have a new phone I’ve been trying out the camera. I can set the white balance, ISO and shutter speed just like on my cameras, but the aperture is fixed. Essentially, it is fixed wide open. A wide open aperture is great for portraits and selfies but not quite so good for landscapes. The pictures will never be as sharp as a DSLR but I’ve been getting some interesting pictures because the LG G5 has two lenses. There is a normal one and a wide panoramic type lens. I tried the panoramic lens in our town hall and it made brought out the grandeur of the main hall, but with a little distortion. Cameras with fixed apertures can still take great photos, though.

fixed apertures


Christmas news and views #Wednesbury

There are the usual Christmas parties starting this month. There will be some for older people like me at the Town Hall and the Centre of Oneness. Various groups will have a Christmas get-together too.



Coping with winter light #photography


I find taking photographs outdoors in winter quite challenging. This building was a Victorian science school. The old sign is covered with the later ‘Adult Education Centre’ sign. The building will soon be demolished and so I took a photograph to record it as part of our history. (more…)

Preparing for a shoot #photography


This is a photo from my last photoshoot which was a show at the town hall for Dialect Weekend. My next one should be the switch on of the Christmas Lights, next week. It will be a similar shoot, but outside in the cold! (more…)

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