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Who are the worst drivers? Younger or older people?


My car is 15 years old soon and so I drive carefully. I want it to last even longer. It’s still reliable and I don’t want a car that will cost me thousands a year in depreciation. So far the depreciation is around £300 a year. I don’t want high maintenance costs either, so I drive carefully. I don’t want high fuel costs either and so I drive carefully. I suppose the young boy racers think I’m slow. My 2 litre engine is ticking over and their engines scream as they pass me on the dual carriageway. Sometimes, their tyres scream as they try to follow me into a bend too fast and get out of shape too.


Cutting motoring costs by planning journeys

Motor Show 206

I wrote about motoring costs in last week’s thrifty blog, but my drive down the motorway got me thinking. I sometimes use Google maps to plan a journey and that can save you time and fuel. My journey on Sunday according to Google maps was 12.8 miles and should take about 20 minutes. It took less than that because it was Sunday and so it didn’t seem far. However, I came back on the ‘A’ roads and that didn’t seem too far either. When I checked the shortest route is just 4.3 miles and it should be quicker! On a Sunday it would have been quicker, but on a weekday perhaps not, going through town. You can click that link to Google maps to see what I mean.


Sandwell or Solihull?

Woden Road Lake


The picture above was taken near my home in Wednesbury, which is part of Sandwell. Six towns make up Sandwell as part of local government reorganisation that made large Metropolitan Areas governed by Metropolitan councils. These were formed in 1974 and many people think it made things worse. Local government certainly became more ‘politically correct’.


Room 101


Room 101

If you’re not familiar with Room 101, it’s a television programme and celebrities vanquish all the things they dislike or  hate to Room 101. My fellow bloggers will like this idea because they too can write Room 101 blogs and tell the world their dislikes and hates. This is probably better than writing a bucket list of things you want to do before you kick it…


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