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Ulterior motive: asking why? #ramble

Yes, it is Sunday morning again and so I’m going to share my thoughts with you. This week, I’m questioning people’s motives. In fact, I wonder ‘why’ all the time! Remember Band-Aid? Who benefited from that? Did we see our TV screens full of starving people getting fed? My TV screen was full of rich people getting richer on the back of a campaign to get poor people to donate to even poorer people who I suspect never got any money. There was an ulterior motive to their campaign wasn’t there?

ulterior motive?


Psychology | Clans and tribes

Science continues to give doctors more tools to help them understand how the human body works and even the human brain. Scanners now help researchers understand what different parts of our brains do. Some of our behaviour is hard-wired into us. Babies don’t need to learn how to cry, it comes naturally.


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