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This web page has it’s own URL, that is the uniform resource locator. The URL is like an address where pages and other things are on the internet. You can see the URL in the address bar of your browser. I just went to Wikipedia and got the URL of their wiki  about the subject and then pasted it to make that link at the beginning of this paragraph. Being able to highlight the URL in your browser and then right click and copy, enables you to paste it to other locations.


Pinterest | Sharing more than just pictures



The urls of a website is the Uniform Resource Locator; this is usually a web page but can be a file or a picture. I have used the URL of the picture above to share it with other users on Pinterest. I own the copyright, but if I didn’t would it be a breach of copyright? I’m not copying the picture, just using it’s url. The picture has been downloaded to your computer from a WordPress server, via Pinterest are you in breach of copyright for downloading this web page and the picture to your hard drive?


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