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The last post of 2016 #blogging

Another year of blogging draws to a close and I write the last post. It was an interesting year as I developed a role as a community writer and photographer. More photographer than writer. Maybe people will need my writing skills more in 2017 and if I’m lucky my art might be appreciated more. As 2016 ends I am framing photos and people actually want to buy them!

last post of 2016


How to be a role model

good role model

Children and young people have their role models, adults that they respect and who influence them. The adults they listen to might see the world as a bad place to be endured and will pass this belief on to the child. A good role model will help children and young people develop positive beliefs. (more…)

Defending disruption #life

When I was younger, going to the pub was a normal part of life. Even driving there and having a few drinks in a smoky atmosphere was quite normal. Pubs have started to close down, it’s now illegal to smoke in pubs and the normality of drinking alcoholic drinks is under attack. (more…)

I might not be Einstein…

1 cottage


but I know a bit about relativity…

If I’m driving down the the motorway doing 70 and someone whizzes past me; I know he’s going relatively faster than I am! Faster, slower; bigger, smaller; higher, lower; it’s all relative. Einstein understood that. He probably understood economics too. Economics is relative; some prices are high, some low…


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