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Should we tax the rich with a luxury rate of VAT?

Money - Seeing the future

Towards a fairer tax system.

There are three rates of VAT in the UK, zero for some foods, newspapers, children’s clothes, etc.; 8% on energy and 20% on most everything else. Should we have a luxury rate for the rich? How would it work? How can we define a luxury? Is luxury toilet roll, impregnated with aloe vera; a luxury or just bog standard?


Thrifty | After the budget

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We had the budget speech yesterday in the UK. There wasn’t much to get excited about; I was more interested in what he left out, than what he actually said. We still have to be thrifty and watch out for the bargains. I read that some people buy the essentials  like food and invest any money left over and some people invest their money and if there is any left over; buy food! That’s a bit extreme, but I am still watching out for more shares to buy. (more…)

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