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Manor House Vintage Fair

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (11)

There were lots of events through the summer for me to photograph, but now Autumn is here, there are fewer events and many are indoors. I went to West Bromwich Manor House yesterday to photograph the Vintage Fair which was held both indoors and outdoors. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Victoriana

a narrow boat

Neodigital Art is about taking images and editing them to create something artistic. Today, I’m taking images that you might associate with the Victorian era and trying to do some interesting edits. I’ve started with a narrow boat on the canal. I cropped the image a lot, so the subject dominates the picture.


Neodigital Art | Stylish editing

Lock old photo

I managed to take a few photos on Sunday and so I went back to see this lock-keepers cottage in Walsall. There are some leaves on the trees now and although the sun was going lower, I got a different photograph.


Neodigital Art | Using different editing

FotoSketcher - MILKY 042

If you want to create art from your photographs you can use more than one program to change your picture. I used the ‘vintage’ setting on Fotosketcher to make this sepia and age it; then I imported it into Windows Live Gallery to add more colour. (more…)

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