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Status – not all that it seems? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I am going to ramble and give you a glimpse into my mixed up mind. What’s on my mind this week? Yes, it is things that aren’t all that they seem. Quite often, I think, this is not what it seems. People’s motives aren’t always what they say they are. You might think that new block saved drive is to drive the car on but is it? A slab of concrete or a tarmac drive would be easier to maintain and cheaper. Block paved drives look better, though. The real reason for that new drive is to show off a status symbol. Then you need a shiny new car to put on it. Why is status so important to us?

status symbol


Clearly defined subject #photography

Saxon Warrior at Wednesbury art gallery   clearly defined subject

Saxon Warrior

I went to Wednesbury art gallery last week and this gentleman kindly dressed as a Saxon warrior and posed for a few photos. It is obvious what the subject of this photo is and it is a sharp image. Landscape photography is different and there isn’t always a clearly defined subject. (more…)

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