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Coloured light #photography

Photography is about capturing light and it comes in lots of different wavelengths that we see as colours. Coloured light at events like shows can bathe our subject in a haze of colour like in this image.

coloured light


Wednesbury Carnival 2015 today!


It’s Wednesbury Carnival today, aye it? This is the highlight of the year in the heart of the Black Country. Pat Collins fun fair will be on and there will be the lots of local organisations represented.  The History of Wednesbury Facebook page admins and fans should be there too. (more…)

Black Country Festival 2014

Carnival crowds

You might have noticed I’ve been promoting the Black Country Festival just lately. If you haven’t, then I’m doing something wrong. Today’s picture is of Wednesbury Carnival last year. This is the second year for a Black Country Day and the first year for a festival and so it needs more people to support it. (more…)

Photographing events


I went to photograph a carnival on Saturday.  This isn’t my usual subject and I’m not very familiar with the camera and so I decided to just use the standard settings on the camera. I took this shot as soon as I arrived with the camera set on landscape. That means a narrow aperture and more depth of field. (more…)

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