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Black Country Art review

a bridge

I’ve come to the end of my art week and so I thought I would start today with an artistic edit. You never know, pictures like this might be displayed in the art gallery one day. We could launch a whole new school of art from here in the Black Country. We could call it, “Flyin’ Pigs”. We could do worse…


Another midweek moan


Today I have used a picture of the churches overlooking the town where I live. When I’m out taking photographs, I often look at them and know I’m still close to home. They stand on a hill with steep sides on this side. A 1,000 years ago a castle stood there and Princess Ethelfreda fought the Viking invaders from there.


Who are the worst drivers? Younger or older people?


My car is 15 years old soon and so I drive carefully. I want it to last even longer. It’s still reliable and I don’t want a car that will cost me thousands a year in depreciation. So far the depreciation is around £300 a year. I don’t want high maintenance costs either, so I drive carefully. I don’t want high fuel costs either and so I drive carefully. I suppose the young boy racers think I’m slow. My 2 litre engine is ticking over and their engines scream as they pass me on the dual carriageway. Sometimes, their tyres scream as they try to follow me into a bend too fast and get out of shape too.


Sandwell or Solihull?

Woden Road Lake


The picture above was taken near my home in Wednesbury, which is part of Sandwell. Six towns make up Sandwell as part of local government reorganisation that made large Metropolitan Areas governed by Metropolitan councils. These were formed in 1974 and many people think it made things worse. Local government certainly became more ‘politically correct’.


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