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Shooting and editing winter #photography

1 Hydes Pool Wednesbury

Winter photography can be difficult because there is a lot less light. You can make the sensor on your camera more sensitive to light by increasing the ISO. You can also use wider apertures than you would in summer. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Winter blue skies

Lake and river 032

I took this photo yesterday and I had bright sunshine and a blue sky. The blue sky is reflected in the water and gives it a bright blue colour too.


Neodigital Art | Winter pictures

Merry Xmas 3

This week  I’ve  started with a picture that might take a little more time to do. I took this picture a couple of years ago. I shot it out of the window; it was cold out there. I gave it a blue tint and I’ve stretched it a little by resizing it; then made it suitable for use as a header for my blog. I also gave it a frame using PhotoScape.


A Christmas challenge

I took this photo last year in the depths of winter. It’s still officially Autumn, but it getting colder. I think the lake will freeze before long and we can expect snow. Winter officially starts around the 20th of December, but then Christmas is supposed to cheer us all up. So I’m going to set you a Christmas challenge.


Neodigital Art | Winter locations


Art or photography?

I regard photography as a branch of art. Just snapping a picture isn’t art but if you put some effort into producing something aesthetically pleasing, then I think it’s art. I don’t edit a great deal and wouldn’t consider making the sky in my photograph blue. I think the trees looking like silhouettes against the sky and the rather dull colours tells you this is a winter photograph. It was in fact freezing! It was a nice church though, a shame there was no where else to park my car. (more…)

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