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The creation of images #ramble

Once again, it is Sunday morning and I share my thought with you. Not that much has been going on that I care to share. I’m not very good at sharing, I prefer to be alone a lot of the time. It’s easier to be alone sometimes, isn’t it? Then people can’t cause you stress or worry or whatever. I often find it easier to do my own thing too and if I make a mess of it I know who to blame! I try hard to work with others and accept collective decisions but it isn’t easy.  That’s why I like photography and the creation of images, it’s just me and my camera, unless I decide to point it at people…

creation of images

The Magic of Words

Sandwell Valley and Milky 043

I have started today with a picture of a sign. In a few words it has to convey a message. It can’t go into too much detail, it just assumes you will understand that refreshments are sold and so too is compost; you aren’t expected to consume them both together! The sign leaves something to the imagination and common sense. It gets it’s message across successfully, it’s a farm and it’s open to the public and it describes what they sell and when. (more…)

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