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Writing your own story #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and I’m allowing you into the dark recesses of my mind and sharing my thoughts once again. It is a wet weekend so where will I go today? I’m not staying in! I think I might go to Poundland and see if I can scan my own shopping through the till without some kid coming to my aid. It happens to be near my favourite sweet shop so I might as well pop in there as well. I talked to a couple of students this week via Skype. One of them is a writer and so very creative but at a cross-road in her life. I told her to create her own story. Life is a journey, but a journey is a story. In fact, when I am writing a story besides putting many characters in the story I put many places in the story too. Life is like that, isn’t it? Many places and many people.

Writing our own story


New year and so some new plans #ramble

So it’s 2017, I wasn’t expecting to live this long or I would have looked after myself better. Last night my phone said ‘emergency calls only’. I thought maybe the network was overloaded with people wishing each other happy new year. It seems the sim has developed a fault. I have ordered a new one online. My new year isn’t off to a very good start.

new year 2017


Monday Monday #life

Yes, it is Monday morning and I really don’t feel like doing very much. I imagine there are millions more like me, but we all make the effort. I’m going to rely on my photography today to get me out of trouble. (more…)

Toot your horn #life

Manor Hospital

This is the hospital where I go, a couple of times a year. I’ve had a lot of ill health and people can judge you unkindly if they can’t see what is wrong with you. So I think my greatest attribute is being non-judgemental. (more…)

Photos in the community #photography


I went to photograph my local church yesterday. It sits high on a hill overlooking my house. It was the Christmas tree festival, so schools and organisations within the community had decorated Christmas trees for the event. You can see more of those photos on my Facebook Page. (more…)

Advice for budding writers #writing

One one the best pieces of advice I can give budding writers is to buy a camera. You can say so much more with a picture! This picture is the Birmingham canal at Tipton, where I’ll be again next weekend. (more…)

Creating images

I designed this advertisement for a charity fun day event and tried to give it a fun look. Image is important for events, places and people. Even this website has an image and I try to make it colourful. (more…)

Want to write for a Zillion Ideas?

Brunswick Park, Wednesbury June 2014

I enjoy writing most of the time, but it is a solitary pursuit and I need to get out in the sunshine sometimes. My other interest is photography, so that works out well. Recently I’ve been trying to do a little more in the community I live in. (more…)

Inspired creativity

1 wednesbury woodland

I tend to spend an hour or less writing an article each morning, but is that all there is to it? I might knock them out quite quickly, but there is hours of thought and inspiration first. Even the photography supports the writing, the opening image often helps me find the mood to write. Music  can help too. (more…)

Want to be a writer?

Bridge over the river Tame resized

One of the reasons I started A Zillion Ideas was to give people a chance to write and be published. You have to write to gain experience and having your work published concentrates the mind. You try harder when people are reading your work. Fairy Dharawat has written some good posts and more recently she has been joined by Ramya Raju. I would have liked a few people from the UK too!


Psychology | Childhood

“Give me a child until he is seven and I’ll show you the man” is a maxim attributed to St Francis Xavier and there is obviously some truth in that. Children are very impressionable. They learn from adults and even older children.


The Saturday review

There is snow forecast for much of Britain and so I’ve used a summer picture to start today’s post! We have to look forward to spring and better weather. Many people are preparing their gardens now for spring. (more…)

We need ideas and innovation



When I started this website I thought I had a zillion ideas and I wouldn’t run out of ideas to write about. The advice is often to stick to one genre, but I thought I can write about a few things and encourage other writers to write guest posts. So far I have one guest writer and three more thinking about it! Ideas are important, they are inspired and they grow and that leads to innovation, then innovation leads to prosperity. (more…)

How to begin to become a writer


To be any good at anything, you have to really interested in it. Writing is no exception to that. You need an interest in it and a fascination for words. You also need to read a lot. I read articles, blogs and when I can books too. I quoted Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in a blog earlier today. It helps that I have read it. I have read some professional writers this week, who have written articles badly. Both of them were writing on their specialised subject. They had studied at university to become competent in their chosen subject, but it didn’t show in their writing.


How to write fiction | moods

Sunshine 051

Some of the articles and blogs that I read are by amateurs and some by professionals. The amateurs often write better than the professionals. I read a couple by the same writer that were truly awful this week. The quality of writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, does vary a lot; depending on the mood of the writer. The writer that I read this week was obviously under a lot of stress and struggling. When we write fiction, we must be totally committed to the story and not distracted by personal problems. (more…)

Another week of ideas

Wednesbury 036

I took a few photographs this week, but it rained a lot of the time. In Moorcroft Wood, it was muddy and so I didn’t venture far into the woodland. I had a few ideas to blog about though. I hope to do better this week if I have some new photographs and it stops raining. Wimbledon is over and so it could brighten up now! I’ll do a roundup of this weeks ideas and you can choose the ones that you fancy reading through Sunday. (more…)

Writing fiction | Inspired

Sandwell Valley and Milky 040

Fiction can be inspired by many things. It can be inspired by a photograph, a person, an outing, television or just a random thought. We have to keep our minds open to new ideas and new perspectives. I have just downloaded a new font, will it inspire me to write fiction? It could! (more…)

Writing Fiction | Past, present and future


Your story can be set in the past, present or future. if it’s the past, you can do research and find information about that past time. If it’s the present then there will be less need for research, but you still need to do some research. The future, which could be your choice if you are writing science fiction is a little more difficult. It requires more imagination. What will future technology give us? New materials? Super-conductors for electricity? Super-light materials to fabricate space craft from? There is a need for research again and maybe all these technologies can be incorporated into your story to make it; plausible. (more…)

Writing | Inspiration

TAME 033

Whatever we are writing, we need inspiration. I find my inspiration in all sorts of places. This photo was taken near my home and it’s interesting because the river has a dam across, that acts as stepping stones, but also helps store the water behind it. There is no litter around there, which is surprising, because this is not in the English countryside as you might imagine; but in town. (more…)

How to write fiction – life inspires art.


Writing a work of fiction is producing a work of art and it needs inspiration. I went out taking photographs again yesterday and ended up at the lake in the picture photographing the wildlife. It hasn’t really inspired me to write but if you read any novel by a famous writer they appear to be inspired by what they see and the people they meet. If I wanted to write a story based in the English countryside, I would certainly spend some time there.  I read a novel not long ago set in a Yorkshire village and although I’ve never been to Yorkshire the description of the village was enough for me to imagine what it would be like. The image that the writer projects however is combined in my mind with everything else I know about Yorkshire villages. (more…)

How to write fiction | Inspiration


Sometimes, I’m inspired to write by places, such as this lake I photographed on Sunday. It was a typical summer’s day in the English countryside and people were having picnics at the side of the river. The stuff of great English novelists, like Jane Austen. Jane Austen captured the mood of the time she wrote in, when picnics in the countryside would have been more important than today. There were few forms of entertainment in those days and a day out would have inspired memories to be treasured.  (more…)

How to write fiction | Research


Whether you are writing fiction or non fiction, it’s a good idea to do research and have the skills to do research. It’s easier now than it’s  ever been with the vast amount of information on the internet. I used to spend whole afternoons in reference libraries. (more…)

How to write fiction | Inspired comedy

Manor hospital

Comedy fiction is the most popular, we all like to laugh but it’s also the hardest to write. I was writing guest blogs in 2010 and had an appointment at the hospital. The evening before, I had watched the film, ‘The Island’ on TV. The film is about a community that has a lottery to win a trip to an island. In reality, their community is in a futuristic building in the desert and the island doesn’t exist. Two members of the community escape through the ventilation system and go on to find out the truth. They are actually clones, being kept so their organs can be harvested. When they win the lottery, they leave to have their organs harvested, not some paradise island. I went to the new futuristic hospital the  day after watching that film; this was inspiration! (more…)

Need a writer?

Milky Pool

Some people don’t really understand what writing is all about. It is about crafting words into a message and usually we are trying to sell an idea. It might be an idea to fire the imagination of the reader so they believe or half believe our story to be true. Sometimes, the message is different, we are selling a product or service or in the case of a résumé; we could be selling a person. At the very least we are selling the belief in that person as a potential employee. So do you need something writing? I might just write it for you for free! (more…)

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