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Freezing and sneezing #Wednesbury

Yes, it is freezing in Wednesbury today. I missed my evening of spoken word and music in Wednesbury library last night. I spent 30 minutes de-icing my car and it was still iced up and misted up then. I gave up, I was freezing. I might clear the ice later and warm it up. My computer says it’s 36F now but it has been wrong before. It was wrong last night, it was way below freezing.

Wednesbury on parade - it was freezing


No they are not TalkTalk.

I had an email the other day, with the above TalkTalk logo at the top and asking me to log in and update my credit/debit card password. It was an obvious scam, but because I use TalkTalk, it got my attention. When you look at the webpage, you are actually downloading it and the picture; but that picture isn’t on my server. I’ve linked to the same server as the scammers did. It’s that easy to do a scam email. I have also had the usual scam emails trying to get my bank details this week.


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer


When I was young it was expensive to buy company shares, but it’s much cheaper now with electronic trading. So why do fewer people own shares? Shareholders used to be people, now shareholders are companies, funds and banks. Shares are bought and sold by computers. The price of a companies shares drops a little and stop-loss instructions kick in on a zillion computers; they panic and send the shares crashing down. Governments are panicking too and printing money like there is no tomorrow. Is the world economic system terminally sick? The rich will saunter around Harrods, sip their champagne and munch on their strawberries which the poor scavenge for bargains in discount stores. 


Neodigital Art | Unusual shots

July first 014

This shot doesn’t look unusual, I’ve taken similar pictures, lots of times. I was trying to get the tree as a silhouette against the sky and the flowers as a silhouette against the water.  I think it works and is quite unusual. I also have the dark green leaves contrasting against the lighter colours on the left of the picture. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Editing techniques

Watercolour  Canal at College fields

I used Fotosketcher to turn this photo into a ‘watercolour’. First however, I edited with Windows Live gallery and touched the picture up removing goal posts on the field and a sign. I like it! (more…)

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