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Take better pictures this Christmas. #photography

Do you tend to get blurry or noisy pictures? Do you want to take better pictures this Christmas? The secret to better pictures is simply shutter speed. You want a fast shutter to freeze the action. If you’re using a camera, set it on portrait and it will set the aperture wide letting in more light. Whatever you’re taking a photo of, if it is a close-up, then portrait is the best setting or if you can set the aperture yourself. Set it wide.

take better pictures

Take better pictures

I took the shot above with the widest aperture I could set. You can see lots of detail and the subject is separated from the background which is out of focus. I zoomed in for this shot that made a difference too. At Christmas, you will probably be taking your photos indoors and have even less light than I had for this shot. The camera will set your shutter speed slower than normal if you don’t have enough light so position your subjects where there is more light. You should also use a flash. There are many disadvantages to using a flash. Red-eye is one disadvantage and an external flash is better for avoiding that. You shouldn’t get too close to your subject either, use the zoom.

Cell phone

If you’re using a cell phone then the same principles apply. A cell phone shoots with a wide aperture anyway, so try to be sure you have as much light as possible and remember you are capturing reflected light. On my phone there is automatic or I can set some things like the white balance. Setting white balance will get you a better shot. Cell phones are great for video too so try shooting a little video as a reminder of the occasion.

Capturing light

Remember you can capturing reflected light, so get as much light on your subject as you can. Don’t shoot into the light and beware of mirrors that will reflect your flash straight back at the camera! When you photograph groups arrange them in a small group by putting tall at the back and shorter at the front of the group. You can take better pictures by always being aware of the light. Position your group in front of a light and then use your flash and the flash won’t need to be so bright. Remember your camera (or phone) has a light meter and will measure the light. If there isn’t enough light it will slow the shutter speed blurring any movement. If the shutter speed is a little slow compensate by holding the camera very still and keep your subject still too.

That’s it for this week. I hope my tips help you take better pictures this Christmas! If you’re using a DSLR shoot wide open and use that Speedlight! If you’re using a DSLR you can also use filters. I might be photographing Santa today under fluorescent light so I have a FLD filter in my camera bag.

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