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Taking photography seriously #photography

I am relatively new to photography. I only started it in 2008 with a bridge camera. I had problems with my eyesight too and had to have a lens replaced with a plastic one! Some of my photos were used by a newspaper and so I decided to invest in a Nikon D3200 and start taking photography seriously. I’ve photographed nice landscapes, famous people, politicians and even beauty princesses! The D3200 has served me well but I need a better camera for the type of photography I want to do now. This is my D3200, shot with my new camera.

taking photography seriously

Reflected light

Photography is all about capturing reflected light and there isn’t much reflected off black so you can see what my new camera is capable of. My bridge camera wasn’t very good in dull conditions which we get a lot here in the UK and so the D3200 with the larger sensor was much better. My new camera is a full frame camera and so has a sensor that has an area of twice the size. This means that each individual pixel is larger too and so absorbs more light.

Taking photography seriously

Yes, I’m taking photography seriously and it is expensive but I hope to do more art projects this year that might include more art cards and maybe one or two high-quality prints. I’m taking my photography to a professional level. That isn’t just about buying a new camera, I now have to get familiar with all the settings and take some impressive pictures. I will in due course write some posts about the new camera and there will be pictures. Today’s shot of the D3200 was shot with a 28 – 300 FX lens and I’m quite pleased with that. I’ve also tried a 35mm prime DX lens on the camera which is extremely fast!

I’ll finish with some pictures, all of which were shot with the D3200. I hope by next week I’ll have some new pictures taken with the full frame. If you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to my latest posts. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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