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Taking pictures for Instagram #photography

You have probably seen great photos on Instagram and realise that they haven’t been taken with a phone. You can take your photos with a camera and then upload them to Instagram with your phone. My camera has Wi-Fi so I can send my pictures to my phone and then upload them. The images can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr at the same time.

taking pictures for Instagram

Measuring the light

You can measure how much light there is, if you have a camera that can set shutter priority. Just set the camera on shutter priority and focus on something in the distance and see what aperture the camera sets. If the camera sets the aperture at F/16 or narrower then you have lots of light and enough light for a narrow aperture. You will notice that the camera sets a wider aperture if you focus on things closer to the camera. If you don’t have enough light for the shutter speed and aperture you want you, simply increase the ISO.

Shooting with a basic camera

If you’re shooting with a basic camera you might have to shoot on auto. The camera will increase the ISO if there isn’t enough light but that might make for a noisy picture or the picture will be a bit blurred. Try to focus on things that are not too far away. The same applies to taking pictures with a smartphone. They are much better for taking selfies or pictures of people that are close to the camera. They aren’t so good for landscapes. My picture of the Red Lion is really sharp because my subject was quite close and I had a lot of light.

Taking pictures for Instagram

When you put your pictures on Instagram you need some hash tags. I live in Wednesbury and so I use the hash tag #Wednesburyonline. Other hash tags I use include #instapic, #photography, #Blackcountry, #art and so on. You’re sharing your art with the world and hash tags help people to find your photos. When you’re taking pictures for Instagram it is a good idea to focus on the foregroaund or middle ground of your shot to get a sharper picture.

That’s all for this week. Whatever camera you have keep taking pictures and keep improving your composition. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts.  Those links can also be found on my Facebook page.

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