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Community photography

Taking pictures in isolation #photography

I’m documenting my time in isolation in pictures but obviously there are fewer things to point my camera at. I’ve photographed pigeons, sparrows and the squirrel in the garden. I’ve taken time and trouble over my meals not only making them taste good but also making them look good for the photographs. Taking pictures in isolation has passed the time and given me an archive of images to remind me of this time and also to use as part of my blog. Today I’m planning something a little different.

Taking pictures in isolation

Gluten-free community week

It is gluten-free community week, run by Coeliac UK and their art competition starts today so I’m going to try doing a collage using the gluten-free theme. My main photo will be another picture of my gluten-free lunch and today I want to make it particularly inviting. I shoot these pictures with my Nikon D750 and I adjust the ISO until can get a fast shutter speed.

Zooming in

I’m zooming in with a 28 – 300 mm lens so most of the shots are taken at around 150mm which is the sweet spot for the lens. I try to shoot at least 1/100 of a second but often faster. That ensures nice sharp images. I shoot on aperture priority and that makes it easy. I edit in PhotoScape and adjust exposure, sharpen the picture a little then resize it and add a border. The title goes in the border to make an image that tells a story.

64 Million artists

I also have a challenge from 64 Million Artists to do today and I think my collage will do for that as well. There is a daily challenge right through May and doing the challenges helps me get feedback on my images from a group who are essentially artists. Feedback on my collage on Sunday was particularly good. Taking pictures in isolation has helped me pass the time but I do need to share them and see what reaction they evoke from other people.

That’s it for today. Do try taking pictures of the mundane things around your home and see if you can make the pictures interesting enough to elicit a response when you share them.

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