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A politician put forward the view that we should all take responsibility for our health this week. I think his motivation was saving money and so his view is mean-spirited and can be ignored. However, we do need to consider our health and our lifestyles and the health of our communities and of the nation. Are we taking responsibility? Even politicians seem to duck their responsibility. I think they have a duty to set an example to the people they serve, especially at a local level. They should be leading communities to a healthier way of life. Life seems so stressful for many people because of change that is beyond their control and that change is often driven by misguided political ideas. Universal Credit, what a good idea cries a politician with a master plan in mind. He, in effect, abandons his personal responsibility and all the principles associated with personal responsibility in favour of a ‘master plan’. People who accept personal responsibility know that ‘master plans’ rarely work out in the end. Look at the mess that Brexit has become, driven by a nationalist ‘master plan’.

taking responsibility

Taking responsibility

I am taking responsibility for my own health. I stick to a medical diet and I wander around taking photographs. That is my way of getting gentle exercise. I’m hoping the gentle exercise will strengthen the muscle in my leg that has been causing me trouble. I also read a lot about medical matters in a bid to understand more fully my health problems. I think quite often doctors dodge their responsibility and fob you off with just about anything hoping for a placebo effect.

I want it now

Children are rarely patient. If you put a sweet in front of them they will rarely save it until later. I did learn to control that desire for instant gratification but I admit it was a painful lesson. I am quite good at saving money now as a result and I take responsibility for financial decisions quite well. Many people when given a credit card seem to take a very casual attitude when spending their hard-earned money. Even a debit card can fritter away cash in the bank if the user has too casual an attitude to its use. When I did my supermarket shopping this week, I knew what I needed and buying what you need is taking responsibility. I wasn’t tempted by things I didn’t need. My leg was hurting though so perhaps that had an effect? I usually buy crisps and sometimes sweets and I skipped those altogether and my bill was much less!


I’m not averse to taking risks. I have stock market investments and with the Brexit chaos things aren’t going well. I did sell half my investments before the Brexit vote though so my exposure is limited. I kept all the poorer investments and my bad choices but who knows what will happen next year?

Overall in life, taking responsibility is the best choice. Meet problems head-on and don’t put off taking action to solve problems. We need to recognise our responsibilities to our community and country as well as those close to us.

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I’ll finish with a few photos from my photography walks:

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