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Talent town? #BlackCountry

I have talent on my mind this morning. Today’s picture is my great niece Megan who will be on The Voice (BBC One) this evening. The programme has already been recorded and so I think she did well. This photo was taken at The Vine in Darlaston, but she has also sung at The Black Horse and Horse and Jockey in Wednesbury so I hope they remember her.

Playing at small venues is important for entertainers, they are the stepping stones to success. I ‘liked’ a Facebook page this morning called “Wednesbury’s got Talent” so that’s another page publicising local talent. Social media and the internet are great for getting the word out and publicising events and promoting local talent. We need more localisation and more community spirit with local people supporting local events and  taking action. I’ve tried to encourage that a little just lately with posts on our history page and on my Facebook page.

I hope my photography is also promoting the town I live in too. A lot of the industry has gone so we need to find something else to specialise in. At one time so many tubes were made here some people called it “Tube  Town”, maybe we could turn it into “Talent Town”? We could attract talent from across the Black Country! Wednesbury is more or less in the middle of the Black Country (and the centre of the universe!) We do have shows now at the town hall so that’s a good start!

I’ll show off a bit of my talent with some photos. If you would like to follow this blog, just enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. Megan is from Wolverhampton, so tune in to “The Voice” at 7:15 to see her performance.

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