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Tarnished image #Saturdaysatire

Tarnished image or green and pleasant

Britain’s image as a green and pleasant land has been turning into a  tarnished image for quite some time. Now there is a nasty nationalist fever sweeping the land as the referendum on Europe approaches. This fever seems to be headed up by the infamous nastiness of Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove, aided and abetted by those  creepy clowns, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.


I suppose, I shouldn’t say too much against these rich and powerful men because they have their adoring arse-kissing fans. They are powerful people and that is the problem; power corrupts. Look at other celebrities who the Sun reading public put on a pedestal only to call for their castration when they find out the truth about their psychopathic behaviours. Remember Sir Jimmy Savile? I understand Rolf Harris is collecting the middles out of toilet rolls and making didgeridoos while serving time for his deviations.


Politicians have been investigated for their perversions while in power. No evidence will be found and no charges will be brought. We are not surprised.

The Armed forces

The army got a slap on the wrist this week as Deep Cut barracks in Surrey was revealed as a den of sexual oppression and abuse. This follows on from Operation Midland being wound up with no charges brought, again.

Tarnished image

Britain now has a tarnished image that has consequences. We can no longer trust people in power and they themselves, when innocent of any wrongdoing, feel at risk of being accused and losing their reputations. We need more transparency and we need to take whistleblowers seriously. We also need to look for the warning signs. We all know how narcissistic these people can be and how brazen they are in public.  We also know how devious they are and manipulative. We can’t accuse everyone that runs from Land’s End to John O’Groats as doing it as a front to hide their private misdeeds, but we shouldn’t take it at face value either. When we find people in the financial sector doing dodgy things like manipulating interest rates or inside trading, we should not only require a proper investigation but also look at what else they have been up to. Most of all we should stop flag waving and arse kissing and recognise that these powerful people aren’t quite as special as they  are made to appear.

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