Telling a story #photography

I’m quite a creative person these days and that means writing as well as photography. I’ve even done a little drawing and painting recently. I try to do the challenges from 64 Million Artists using a photograph or even a poem but this week it was difficult so I used a simple story. Art is often about telling a story. Last year, I took a series of photographs to tell the story of my time in lockdown. Those pictures were taken around my home and garden.


A Beautiful Mess

One challenge from 64 Million artists was to create something based on “a beautiful mess”. I took this photo of some of my tools I was using as I decorated my bedroom. I had the tools and a tin of paint on the landing window sill. I can be reminded of the story by the photograph it is part of that lockdown story.

1 1 1 GARDEN


I also created montages with the pictures that I took and they are even more revealing of that story. The picture with three ambulances in the street where I live was particularly poignant. I obviously spent a lot of time in the garden and looking out of the windows.

1 1 black country day


I also turned my little poems into graphics and tried adding borders and combining pictures with text. These were experiments in art trying to create something that is different.



Food and drink was also an important part in my story. Even something mundane as my morning cornflakes made a interesting image and added to the story. Telling a story in images is a way of putting a lot of information in an image so that the image combines with other images and your words to tell a story in a very colourful way that will strike a chord with your audience. Your images need to be presented in a way your audience can relate to.

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