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Telling stories with art #art #photography

All artworks tell a story and when you’re creating an artwork, regardless of your genre, you need to be aware of the story. When I was trying to tell the story of Dick Turpin visiting a local pub. I decided to use a picture to illustrate the story. Of course, no photographs exist and so I looked for a picture taken from a painting. My photographs tell stories. I’m telling stories with art.

telling stories with art


Today’s picture is of my lunch but I have added words to turn it into a story. It would still be a story without the words but words add more meaning. It is the story of gluten-free life in lockdown. This week is gluten-free community week which will be publicised by Coeliac UK and it’s members. I’m a member so I’ll publicise it a little. They are running an art competition tomorrow and the rest of the week and so I’ll enter and spread the gluten-free message.

Telling stories with art

I’ve publicised lots of things with my photography. Photographs of our natures reserves and green spaces publicise the beauty of those spaces and the need to preserve them for future generations. I’ve photographed high street shops which publicises them, in a subtle way. I’m telling stories with art in my own way with photographs and words.


Now I’m telling the story of my time in lockdown which will probably last for 16 weeks or even longer. I’ve photographed the wildlife in my garden and my meals and so I’m chronicling my experience. I’m telling the story in photographs. I’ve also been writing a few poems to add to the story. In the future my collection of images will tell the story of a extended period of isolation and give some insight into how I coped and what I did.


The isolation has made me more creative and I have been trying to create meals that are attractive in a photograph. I’ve been looking at art materials online too and I intend to buy some materials and take up painting in watercolours. My art is developing while I’m in lockdown.

We can all tell our own stories and with social media we can share them with the world. The story can be about out life, our innermost struggle or it can just be the story of something we see. We can use any medium, photography, painting, words or poetry.

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