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That sense of entitlement #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’ve heard that American expression ‘entitled’ a lot lately. I get the impression that many people feel entitled these days. They are entitled to good health and so they won’t catch Covid-19 and so they can make light of it and go about their lives as normal. They can join the crowds on the beach, they can go to parties and raves, they can have their overseas holiday, as usual. They are the entitled few and they don’t care about older people who they feel have lived their lives and are of no value. Their entitlement means that the epidemic in the UK will go on and on because they won’t accept responsibility. Time for a picture:



I kept myself amused while I was in isolation but I missed people. Loneliness is very bad for mental health and I’ve had very little human contact since March. I would like to look forward to a time when this epidemic is over. I see little sign of light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, Sandwell will have more restrictions starting this week. The eat-out, to help-out scheme, cost £500 million and helped spread the virus. £500 million could have helped stop the spread. We need to keep the economy going but that was the wrong scheme at the wrong time. We really need some enforcement of the rules and restrictions. A police presence at supermarkets might help enforce mask-wearing.

Grand Theft Auto

My new PlayStation has been keeping me amused this week too. I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto. I don’t think it’s a good game for impressionable young people but it’s keeping me amused with car chases and shoot-outs with the cops. I have to admit that I have provoked some of the car chases by annoying the cops. Dropping a grenade next to a cop car and running made for a long car chase and I avoided capture because I had stolen a high-performance car. The game could have a bad effect on an impressionable mind but my mind isn’t that impressionable. The game did inspire my thoughts on entitlement, however!

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is back on BBC iPlayer. The new version has more of an adult theme and Starbuck is now a cigar-smoking young woman. The Cylons have started cloning humans and they appear to control the clones. This new series is also keeping me amused but only because the usual channels show nothing but repeats and crap.

Last Night of the Proms

I watched Last Night of the Proms which was suitably social-distanced. It was the usual stuff but some of the music had a new arrangement. I’ve attached a soundbar to my TV recently and so the sound was much better. The National Anthem was as dreary as usual but I enjoyed the rest!


It’s Sunday and so I have a photography outing planned. I have no idea where I will go but the weather looks good. I think I’ll put a load in my washing machine this morning and do photography this afternoon. I hope I can get a shot of another local shop and maybe some housing. I want my photos to show future generations what 2020 was like. Maybe I should call the collection, “Images from the Age of Entitlement”?

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