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The advantages of a DSLR #photography

The advantages of a DSLR camera are huge compared with most other cameras. The new compact smart cameras are smaller and lighter and great for point and shoot but the DSLR gives the photographer full control of the camera.

advantages of a DSLR

Advantages of a DSLR

My Nikon D750 is very easy to use if you want to do all the settings yourself and not rely on auto. The sensor is a full frame sensor and so twice the size of an entry level DSLR and massive compared to most cameras. There is a dedicated button to set the white balance, ISO, focusing and metering which is really handy. It even has a feature that helps me keep the camera level.

Command dial

There is a command dial that is used to set the shutter speed and a sub command dial on the front of the camera to set the aperture. So it really easy to set those. The command dial can be used to set the ISO too once you’re pressed the ISO button. When I shoot at an event most of the shots are wide open but the occasional shot of the scene of the crowd at a narrow aperture is easy to do. Changing the aperture is quick and easy.

Low light

I took a few shots in low light yesterday and once I have set the ISO a little higher then I took the shots wide open and the camera had no problem coping with the low light. Even compared to my Nikon D3200, the D750 manages to capture more detail especially in the shadows. The advantages of a DSLR, even an entry level one over a compact or a bridge camera are fairly obvious when you compare the clarity of the photos.


Owning a great camera doesn’t make you a professional photographer. That takes experience. I’m going to photograph a steam train soon but do I shoot from the platform or from a bridge? I think from the platform I’ll get a more imposing picture of the locomotive coming through the station but I’ll see the train coming better from the bridge! The settings on the camera will be fairly easy. I’ll probably check the light and use aperture priority and shoot at about f/8 as the train approaches.

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