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The affect of colours #life

Colours do affect our moods and we associate different colours with different things. White is associated with purity, red is associated with excitement and black is seen as morbid and depressing. Bright colours are associated with fun and are favoured by children, yellow in particular.

The colour of our clothing is seen as important, sombre colours cannot only suggest seriousness but reverence. The more sombre colours are useful for meetings and for work where we want to project an air of seriousness and formality. Sombre colours are for the office, bright and breezy colours for the beach. Even the different seasons give us different colours. We get dark colours in nature in winter and reds and yellows in autumn. Summer with the bright sun gives us lighter colour and lots of green and spring has its array of colour as the trees come into blossom and the flowers of spring bloom.

These colours affect our mood and the colours of spring, the yellow of the daffodil and the array of mixed colour marks a new beginning for the year. We associate spring with our childhood when we enjoyed the bright colour and our lives were just beginning. In summer, we have the sunshine and that changes our mood as we see nature in a different warmer light. Autumn bring a blaze of colour as leaves turn a golden yellow before disappearing for the winter.

See what you think of today’s photos. Do you prefer the light colours or the dark colours? Preference for dark colours can indicate depression and a preference for very mixed bright colour a childish zest for life. How do colours, colour your mood? If you’ve liked today’s post why not sign up to receive the emails when I post; just enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter  for updates.

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