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1 sepia resize

I uploaded some of my images to Saatchi Art last week so they could be put on sale, unfortunately they didn’t accept my ID so they won’t be on sale just yet.  Good prints fetch quite high prices, especially if they are limited editions. You need a quality image that is not just a snap that anyone could take.

This usually means planning your image and considering the camera settings and trying to get a good image that isn’t blurred from camera shake or dull because of poor light. This first image was a spur of the moment thing, but I’m quite pleased with it. The editing gives it a nostalgic feel and it reflects the culture of the Black Country. My only regret is I didn’t have a lens that would have allowed me to zoom closer. I had to crop the image and make it smaller.

canal boats crop

This is a nice picture but I don’t think I would have it printed to go on my living room wall, so I don’t think it would sell either.

2 competition view

Interesting shots don’t seem to cut it either.

222 111 competition shot.

I took this shot several times until I got just what I wanted for the waterways competition and then it was edited to try to get the colours just right. A lot of work goes into a good image and that is reflected in the price of a limited edition print.

1 print

My local art gallery doesn’t seem to welcome work by local artists. Perhaps we aren’t quite posh enough for them. How do my images compare to this exhibit in the art gallery. It’s a matter of taste I suppose…

1 priceless

I wouldn’t have this image in my outside loo, but I suppose it belongs in a art gallery that someone described as looking like a concrete silo. People in the Black Country are considered to be uncultured. So what do we know? We know that we pay for the art gallery and it costs millions a year to run…

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. You can double click any of today’s images to get a better view. The original images were 6 times wider, at 6000 pixels wide.

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