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The autumn equinox 2016 #seasons

It’s the autumn equinox tomorrow when the day is split equally into light and dark and my landscape photography becomes a little more challenging. In fact, I’ll probably do more indoor photography.

Autumn colours


We do get some interesting colours in autumn as nature prepares to be less active through winter. We do get sunny days too but we have to wrap up to keep warm. I’m already wearing winter sweaters and my heating is on a day early.


Halloween and bonfire night are the autumn events that most people remember and enjoy. There was a shift from individual bonfires and firework displays to organised displays, but now the organised displays have been cut back because of austerity. We can still carve pumpkins, make homemade soup and enjoy Halloween.

autumn light

Graphic design

I plan to do more graphic design this autumn while I keep warm on cold damp days. It will be a useful skill to develop so I can do digital posters to email and post on social media to publicise local events.


Pictures and words

I think combining a picture with words makes an eye-catching digital poster for publicising events like this one. I’m sure there will be events and other things through the autumn that I’ll want to bring to people’s attention.

Preparing for winter

I shall be preparing for winter and Christmas too. Our Christmas lights switch-on will be the end of November and it seems a long way off but things have to be organised in advance and I hope to be there to take photographs as I usually do. I have to make preparations that will keep me warm or at least stop me freezing during the event. This year’s event is close to a couple of pubs!

I’m going to end today with reminders of last year’s autumn colours. If you would like to subscribe to this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more great ideas on my Facebook page.

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