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The autumn season #ramble #photography

It’s Sunday morning once again and here in the UK we had an extra hour of sleep last night because the clocks went back an hour. So I was wandering around changing the heating and various clocks before I went to sleep last night. The autumn season brings lots of autumn colours and I’ll soon have the remembrance parade to photograph and then before we know it the winter solstice will be here and winter will arrive.  Then, of course, Christmas.

The autumn season


Now the autumn season is upon us there will be less light but not this morning. This morning it is lovely and sunny but quite a harsh light. I can adjust for harsh light and of course, I can adjust for low light with my camera. I’ll be out taking photos this afternoon. I think I’ll see what I can photograph in Walsall today. I’ll check out the station where I hope to photograph a steam train next Saturday. A reconnoitre of the location never does any harm.

The weather

I’m preoccupied with the weather too because it’s getting colder. I’m going out tomorrow and Tuesday evening and so I’ll put a scraper and de-icer in my car, just in case. I find freezing temperatures really difficult now and get very cold, very quickly. I’m still struggling with health problems but I do at least get around and I manage.

Art cards

I’m still trying to create affordable art and promote the local towns as well with my art cards. I will eventually have thousands of them and could keep trying to sell them for years to come or I could do a free art event and leave them for people to just take for free. I am considering a free art event. The question is, where and when?

Things to photograph

I am looking for new subjects to photograph. I’m not the most articulate person. I have trouble talking to people and so photographing people is always a problem. I need to learn how to put hem at their ease. I prefer candid shots when people look relaxed and natural. I need to give people something to do while I take their photograph. I thought about asking them to read a newspaper and taking a series of photos of people reading newspapers. I think it might work. I’ll need to work on how to get the light just right. It would work great in the park but how do I get the people to the park? I think I also need to get down to their level which could be a problem too.

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