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The beautiful side and the ugly side #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and the sun is shining! It’s the Tipton horse drive today. The participants in  that often attract disparaging remarks. They are a bit ‘rough and ready’ as we say in the Black Country but I get on with them alright and will try to get there today and take some photos.  We are all equal and all deserve to be treated with respect. I took some photos at the sleeper factory protest yesterday and talked to the protesters and councillors. The photos got a lot of nasty remarks on Facebook because Tom Watson came to support the protest. The comments came from people who always try to intimidate and shout down decent people. They are just thugs and bullies. There is a beautiful side to life and there is an ugly side to life. The loud mouths and bullies are the ugly side of society.

beautiful side to life

The beautiful side

The beautiful side to life is our natural environment and that sleeper factory is a threat to that. Someone who lives there said they would like it planted with trees and made into woodland. That would improve the quality of life for the people in the area a great deal. They need somewhere to walk and enjoy nature, the estate isn’t a pretty one by any means. It has a derelict school that caught fire not long ago and derelict factories. When wild flowers were planted on a grass verge the people really appreciated it. It was a splash of colour and and  brought some beauty into their lives. The beautiful side needs to win in this conflict between the nastier and uglier side of human nature and the beauty of nature that we have destroyed in many places. Are wildflowers and butterflies too much to ask for?

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