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The changing face of money #thrifty

I went to a meeting last night and it happened to be in a club with a bar so I had a pint. That’s three times this week that I’ve actually parted with cash. The days of money being slips of paper and metal coins seem to be coming slowly to an end. Earlier in the week, I did my food shopping and paid with my debit card and I used cash to pay the window cleaner yesterday. With a purchase that I made in a small shop earlier in the week, that is only four times I’ve used money this week. It makes it so much easier to keep track of where the money goes. The changing face of money, moving from cash to cards, helps us to keep track of where our money goes.

the changing face of money

The changing face of money

Every time I use my card I am provided with a receipt and so I save those and make an entry in my account book to keep track of my bank account. I also have two spreadsheets to keep track of bank accounts and investments. The spreadsheets are updated daily, so I always know where I am financially. I also do forward planning. My next expense that I have to allow for is the service and MOT on my car which is booked in for a week on Monday and my insurances and AA membership will be the beginning of September. After that, I will only have the usual expenses and monthly bills until Christmas. I expect my bank balance to look quite healthy by then. We are seeing the changing face of money and we use cards more and cash less and it does give us more control over our money.

Changing habits

Our shopping habits are changing too, we use larger stores and online more than the small shops but we can still save money by checking to see if the small shops can offer keener prices. Larger stores now offer an experience and we can reject the experience and go for a keen price instead. Ikea, for example, will offer a family experience with cheap food but then it turns into a day out and you spend a fortune on home ware.

Only if it’s free

Only if it’s free might be an exaggeration when it comes to finding entertainment but I don’t spend much. On Friday, I went to the local library and watched Chickenbone John perform as part of the Birmingham and Sandwell Jazz Festival. It wasn’t entirely free, I did buy a drink. There was more entertainment in the library all day on Saturday so I went to that and late on Saturday afternoon I went to see Miss Fortunes, which was also free.


Making something habitual can save you tons of money. I habitually shop around now and I try to get rid of bad habits like drinking too much and acquire thrifty and frugal habits. I’m still getting used to my new car and I have been driving more trying to get used to the difference. That has meant buying more petrol but I do have a display that tells me how much I’m using so I have been trying to make driving very frugally a habit. I slow down gradually if I can see the road ahead isn’t clear and avoid stopping and starting if I can. There have been a lot of accidents recently where cars crash into the back of each other. This is usually caused by one car braking sharply. If you think ahead and brake gently, this can help prevent such accidents as well as save on fuel.

Finally, products that don’t sell very well often come up as Amazon deals and in eBay shops. If you’re looking for clothing in an extra-large size these deals can save you a lot of money. You can also find unusual items both on Amazon and eBay such as bunting for a party or banner printing. I had a canvas printed that is now part of an exhibition at my local art gallery.

If you would like to subscribe to my blog and read about more ideas just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on twitter for updates. There are also links, ideas and photos on my Facebook page. I hope I have made you more aware of the changing face of money and how it can give you more control over your money.

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